Any business that deals with many subscription contracts knows how difficult it can be to keep track of them, with data such as expirations, renewals, penalties, due dates and more commanding unique attention. From revenue management to price escalations and everything in between, DataNet’s ContractNet software allows you to manage recurring subscription contracts with ease and efficiency.

ContractNet has tools to manage your client subscriptions, allowing you to easily model future revenue, alert your salespeople and clients as critical renewal and option dates approach, add services and one-time fees to invoice batches, and stay on top of changes in your client base while having one-click access to contract documents, contacts, provisions, and key underlying asset data.

ContractNet allows you to manage all your subscription contracts from one convenient software. With ContractNet, you can quickly and easily sort and view active contracts by criteria such as size, location, value, termination rights, contacts, and more. Rather than rummaging through file cabinets or scrolling through dozens of pages of spreadsheets, our search and sort features will help you find all the information you need in a flash.

ContractNet’s revenue management system automatically tracks and records revenue across the life of a contract, from execution to renewal. No more crunching numbers on a calculator or punching them into an Excel spreadsheet, ContractNet takes care of everything for you.

With the help of ContractNet’s invoicing system, users can quickly and painlessly manage recurring billing processes and integrate them with any ledger. Although we offer our own easy-to-use invoicing systems, ContractNet plays well with others, allowing users to easily export the collected information to other financial software such as SAP or Quickbooks.

Managing expiration and renewal dates is key to maximizing contract revenue. But how can one keep track of all of them when it’s hard enough just to remember birthdays and anniversaries? ContractNet keeps tabs on these dates automatically, allowing you to alert reps to expiring contracts and discuss renewal options with the customer in advance of the contract’s expiration date.

Whether you need to manage thousands of contracts across dozens of international markets or you simply need to keep an accurate record of a few dozen contracts for your small business, ContractNet offers customized solutions that can be tailored to fit your individual needs.

For Providers


  • Manage your billing processes using ContractNet’s simple recurring stream management
  • Minimize errors and revenue recognition issues
  • Maintain straight-line schedules for frequently amended agreements
  • Support pricing changes, tax application, and indexed escalations to subscription plans in response to customer or market demand
  • Get a single real-time view of your subscription contracts in any currency throughout the contract life cycle
  • Drive customer profitability by employing true contract management along with batch financial processing, minimizing back office costs

Subscription contract


Strong management of recurring revenue-based billing processes

  • Bill customers for one time and recurring charges on any schedule
  • Manage payment terms, and automatically calculate pro-rations, escalations, and individual billing stream terms in advance or in arrears for each revenue stream.

Integrate your billing, receivables, and collections processes with accounts receivable, cash application and any general ledger

  • Provide sales and service with timely notifications and manage the workload of your existing client base
  • Global subscriber-base support:
    • Multi-currency management
    • Manage and apply tax schedules such as GST, HST, and VAT.