Key Features

Contract Financials

  • (Increase efficiency, improve accuracy, reduce staff time for audit, reduce staff time for month-end reconciliation.)
  • Cash and GAAP reporting
  • Lease capitalization
  • Lease amortization
  • Deferred rent schedules
  • Amendments
  • Rent escalation (Auto calculation of rent escalation.)
  • CPI (Auto calculation of CPI rent escalation.)
  • Contracted recurring and invoice-driven payments (Generate invoices directly out of the system.)
  • Invoicing, receivables, and cash application (Manage and keep history of actual payments made.)
  • Integration with SAP, Oracle, J.D. Edwards, Lawson, QuickBooks, and more (Minimize manual data entry, which can lease to errors.)

Critical Data Management

(save on lease costs by managing lease terms like escalations, eliminate late fees due to missed payments, never miss an expiration date for a lease extensions again)

  • Auto-email notifications
  • Provisions (Know you have the ability to assign a lease to another party.)
  • Options (Know when you have options, like auto-renewals.)

Portfolio Navigator

Configurable Dashboard Home Page

(Dashboard view of your day’s work, like upcoming critical dates that need attention.)

  • Widgets
    • Find records
    • Find documents
    • Critical date calendar
    • Pull reports
    • Workflow project tasks
    • User activity
    • User access and security
  • Forms (Pull data from a record electronically into a form to eliminate manual data entry.)
    • Form creation
    • Abstracts
  • Reports (Fast, real-time, spot-check, insight into your current and future financials,  recognize any potential income, pull a report with the push of a button.)     
    • Critical dates
    • Financials (Income and Expense)
    • Budget and forecasting
    • Mail merges
  • GIS Integration (Plot points to view on map, ability to view current and potential new sites.)
    • ESRI, Google, Bing