Your lease portfolio, whether large or small, represents a valuable asset to your organization. But if not properly managed, it can be a source of wasted time, staff resources and money. However, if managed well, you can:

  • Uncover hidden revenue
  • Reduce exposure to risk and liability
  • Increase customer and vendor responsiveness
  • Maintain regulatory compliance
  • Track trends and set benchmarks

LeaseNet helps you centralize the financial, legal and operational information relevant to your property portfolio – enabling you to streamline internal processes, gain greater visibility and make smarter decisions.

This powerful-yet-simple web-based solution allows you to organize and manage all your company’s lease portfolios from a secure, central “dashboard.”

Whether you’re managing assets worth $1M or more than $1B, LeaseNet can scale to meet your needs with powerful reporting and enterprise-class security – right down to the end-user level. LeaseNet is modular, so you pay for and deploy only the features that you need. This means you’re up and running quickly.

No other solution combines the following time- and money-saving features to make lease-portfolio management so simple:

Pre-Configured Portfolio Management

LeaseNet is an out-of-the-box solution (which we can also customize to fit your needs) for managing the complex real estate needs of large retail, telecom, utility and other specialized portfolios such as collocation space, right of way, in-line, mall, free-standing, mixed-use space, campus environments, pole attachments and more.

Portfolio Performance Management and Reporting

Business intelligence has never been easier. LeaseNet unlocks the data trapped in your lease portfolio, transforming it into action-ready information in any number of standard or customizable reports.

Project and Transaction Management

With LeaseNet, you can identify process gaps and workflow bottlenecks by tracking work activities for individuals or groups. And you can improve operations by creating schedules and group communications. These are always available from any computer with a web browser.

Advanced Security and Audit Management

Built upon DataNet’s proprietary secure platform, LeaseNet allows you to grant access down to the individual page, section, field or object level. Managers can globally assign modules or functions and filter access to data according to individual permissions for groups and objects.

Features and Benefits

LeaseNet allows multiple users to access data with real-time accuracy, is easy to learn and use, and ensures adherence to your company’s standard operating procedures and to best practices.

Pre-Configured Portfolio Management

  • Automate key set-up, teardown, renewal and holdover functions.
  • Integrated document-management tools enable you to store standardized forms and contracts for field personnel, finance, legal and other departments.
  • Enforced data normalization maintains accuracy while reducing data entry time and human error.
  • Tools are designed around industry-leading practices and customizable to your company’s key processes.

Fully Integrated Financial Processing

  • Automate payment and invoice batches, cash application, journal entries and coding.
  • Integrate with your financial system, and control vendor and account code changes.
  • Manage project escalations, remaining liability, indexed escalations and straight-line adjustments in multiple scenarios over variable renewal periods.
  • Manage contract obligations, invoice-based payment, and external historical data across your portfolio in a single, integrated system.

Portfolio Performance Management and Reporting

  • Create and maintain groups of key individuals to receive notifications for options, expirations, terminations and other decision-drivers.
  • Reduce exposure to missed options and renewals.
  • Benefit from totally flexible group or individual email notifications.
  • Efficiently manage multiple vendors with bulk portfolio and master-agreement tools.

Project, Task and Transaction Management

  • Maintain one-click access to key documents, drawings and files.
  • Drill down directly to pages linked to key abstracted fields.
  • Check-in, check-out and control key documents with full history and version control.
  • Manage revenue and expense streams with easy batch processing, automatic G/L coding and allocation.
  • Track receivables, cash and balance sheet accounts with real-time data.
  • Automatically code and pay variable operating expenses including utilities and telecom charges.
  • Manage pass-through charges, shared expenses, percent rates, escalations, cross-billing and other specialized contract terms.

Advanced Security and Audit Management

  • Your files are 100-percent auditable to drive accuracy and accountability.
  • System prompts ensure process checks to deter fraud and prevent errors.
  • Audit trail ensures regulatory compliance.
  • Multiple layers of security allow you to share data without risk.