Dan Opyd

Dan Opyd

Reuben Schafer

Reuben Shafer

Dan and Reuben started DataNet more than fifteen years ago, delivering their first software solution for one of the most contract-intensive industries: Telecommunications. And by intensive, we mean thousands of contractual assets including real estate, circuits, spectrum, pole attachments, risers, right of entry, rack space, roof rights, equipment, maintenance and more.

So when we say that we know contracts, we mean it. We’re still helping companies manage contracts but we’ve learned a few things along the way. Our customers now include real estate, utilities, energy, transportation, and general business industries and our product offerings reflect the unique needs of these markets.

We develop contract management solutions so that our customers can manage their portfolios of contracted assets in a manner that minimizes risk, maximizes value, and offers actionable insights that result in process improvements.

 For us,we get to work with software and every day we get to envision better ways to do things, and to create tools that help us do new things. It’s challenging and fun to create an environment where product development, sales, marketing, and process improvement is an every day conversation. We get to build strategies, processes, and tools with a great team. We get to work with leaders in all kinds of companies and create and deliver solutions to the issues that are unique to them and their industries, while figuring out what is universal to our markets.