Subscription software, content, and service providers now have a tool to manage their client contracts without the frequent hassle of of managing critical dates and renewals, pricing changes and escalations, user count and other billing metric entry, and invoice production.

ContractNet, configured for Subscription providers, allows you to manage your customer contracts quickly and easily.

  • Set up recurring invoicing streams for base subscription pricing
  • Set up pre-set price escalations
  • Enter one-time charges such as customization and support charges
  • Invoice directly from ContractNet or export to Quickbooks, SAP, Oracle, Lawson, and other financial systems
  • Track receivables and receive by line item, invoice, or lockbox batch
  • Enter and allocate credits
  • Manage expirations, renewals, terminations and termination penalties
  • and more.

At the portfolio level, view and report on your entire customer portfolio by size, location, remaining contract value, termination rights, options, contacts and other criteria. Find contract data and documents with quick searches, alert reps for upcoming expirations and renewal options, autostart customer retention projects and assign them to your teams based on contract critical dates.