DataNet has been publishing our sophisticated yet simple to use contract management software since 1999 in a suite of web based modules that offer our clients total control of their contracts and the assets that they represent.

As automated contract portfolio management increasingly becomes a necessity among mid-size to large corporations, DataNet’s  LeaseNet and ContractNet database solutions are deployed as invaluable systems for departments and cross functional teams seeking visibility into critical operating assets whose ownership may span hundreds or thousands of vendors.

When your company’s operations depend on leased, licensed, and otherwise granted assets – whether it’s your fleet, your real estate,  your circuits, or any number of contracted assets and services – the portfolio of contracts that controls your infrastructure can mean risk and liability, or flexibility and value. Visibility into your portfolio makes the crucial difference between your ability to intelligently exercise options, understand and forecast changes, and leverage your customer’s legal and financial obligations to you as well as managing your exposure to your vendors, lessors, and licensors.

LeaseNet and ContractNet help you control and manage all of the legal, financial, and operational aspects of your contract portfolio by providing a sophisticated database of your contract data, deep reporting across your portfolio, financial processing and forecasting, and a secure, intuitive, browser-based work space for your legal, accounting, real estate, IT, and operational stakeholders to access and manage their agreements and relationships.

Request a demonstration of our software today, and give us a few ideas about your portfolio so a representative can set up a tailored tour for you that highlights the flexibility and depth of LeaseNet for your real estate portfolio, or ContractNet for all of your contracts.