Why DataNet?

Pearl in a peapodWe enable total visibility, optimum efficiency and maximum value across your entire contract portfolio. Using our solution, you can easily deliver detailed communication, accurate reporting, timely billing and payment, and complete compliance – usually with the push of a button. Did we mention excellent ROI?

    • Online tools: We replace the burden of manual contract management with streamlined, online tools that save time AND deliver real, measurable value.
    • Seamless integration: DataNet also works seamlessly with your current financial and database solutions – eliminating operational redundancy and reporting errors.
    • Cross-department satisfaction: Our software addresses the unique needs of operations, purchasing, finance and legal departments.
    • EZ 4 IT: Our web-based solutions are flexible and require no integration with or meaningful involvement from IT department.
    • Service: We also provide detailed training, back-office integration and custom-development / solutions services to every client.
    • BOTTOM LINE: we turn your unloved, often misfiled contracts into assets with real, measurable value.

Our history

In 1999, we delivered our first software solution for one of the most contract-intensive industries: Telecommunications. Our solution for Quest Communications managed thousands of contractual assets – including real estate, circuits, spectrum, pole attachments, risers, right of entry, rack space, roof rights, equipment, maintenance and more.

We serve users with clients in real estate, telecom, utilities, energy, higher education, transportation and general business, in the United States, Canada, Latin America, the Asia Pacific Region, and Europe – supporting three languages.

A privately held company, DataNet is headquartered in Denver, Colorado.

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